Goodbye 2015…hellllllloooo 2016!


New Year

It’s a wrap for 2015!  Time for a clean slate, a fresh start, a blank page…  Whatever you call it, it’s the universal season to reflect and make resolutions for the next year.  It’s the perfect time to pause and take stock.

Yes, it can be helpful to learn from past mistakes.  I’ve gotta wonder, though, if some of that negative old DVR recording should just get erased?  Does it truly help me to recap the bad stuff excessively?  Shouldn’t I learn a couple lessons and MOVE ON?  I think so.

Even after I get my own pesky “Negative Nellie” to zip it, websites, twitter, blogs and television bombard with recaps of 2015.   “The Biggest Natural Disasters of 2015”, “Shocking Celebrity Divorces This Year”, “People We Lost in 2015”.   Buzz kill!

So, I’m switching it up.  In the spirit of starting the new year off right, this year I’m going to ask myself…



2015 had 365 action-packed days.  I’m sure I can list 15-20 things that went exceptionally well.  It feels better to start 2016 with a nod to all the beautiful, silly, transformative, crazy, “I-love-my-life” moments in 2015. Starting this blog is high on my list.  Hope you’ll get a chance to celebrate some of your best moments from last year, too.  Then, we’ll all start 2016 from a place of appreciation & optimism. And we all deserve that…happy new year!

2016 fireworks

The Beginning is Here…a new year, a clean slate


HELLO & WELCOME to my little incubator for hatching fresh ideas to enjoy & celebrate life!  Some of these baby-faced notions will gain wobbly footing, take a few tentative glides and eventually soar effortlessly above the clouds.

It’s the beginning of a mishmash of travel tales, inspiration, links to cool stuff and random ramblings.  All bets are off…the only constants will be relentless optimism and a scrappy determination to spread my wings & live more fully.  Objects may shift during flight, so buckle up and thanks for flying along!