Cloud addiction – step 1

I admit it, my iPhone is overflowing with cloud pictures. Daily – sometimes hourly – snaps threaten to overrun photos of family & friends in my library. If someone is secretly peeking at my iCloud they must think I’m a meteorologist. Nope. I just cannot stop myself from craning my neck to look at the summer sky.

It’s a pretty harmless fascination as obsessions go.  Clouds – in all shapes, tones and sizes – bring me a kooky amount of happiness. Vaguely weird how much I am loving them lately. Like I have a middle school crush on nature.

For about 30 seconds I thought about studying and researching to learn more about how clouds are formed, why the different shapes, etc.. Hazy recollections of science class bring words like “cumulous” and “stratus” tumbling around in my mind. Less than 45 seconds later I tossed that idea; I’ll just enjoy them.

Don’t want to ruin the simple pleasure I get from just loving these summer skies with silly things like knowledge and facts. So, I’ll keep feeding my addiction (and buying more iCloud storage!).