Fresh specs ūüĎď

Seeing life through fresh eyes is an appealing part of traveling. ¬†We all need fresh specs sometimes. ¬†Physically leaving our routine and home somehow shakes us up. ¬†Shuffles the deck. ¬†And, suddenly, we’re somewhere new and paying attention. ¬†Truly seeing. ¬†Listening. ¬†Hearing what people say instead of assuming. ¬†At least for me…I’m more tuned-in, more attentive when traveling. ¬†Right or wrong, it’s the case. ¬†And so, I’ll continue to travel to refresh my view.

Vintage Travel part 1

As I wait for airport security & am jostled through like cattle, I’m imagining an earlier, more glamorous travel era.  

Questionable whether the travel itself was better.  Unquestionably better ads, though. 

Wanted: chatty globe

Could someone build a globe that talks?  I’d love to press my finger on a country and hear all about it.  The history, the best cities for coffee and museums.  The best tiny towns on side roads.  The most perfect quiet beach.  Can do all that on the internet, I know, but something about a globe inspires so much more. ūüĆć