New Year, new travel wish list

This year, I’m dreaming of Argentina, Italy, France, South Africa and the Azores.  Like most travelers, my list is so long that listing the places I’d rather NOT see would be simpler.  Curiously, Lithuania is on my list, too.

Sometimes I try to figure out exactly what is IS about travel that I love.  Escapism?  Vacation?  Anonymity?  Adventure?  Freedom?  What I can say for certain is that I feel the most alive and engaged with the world when I’m traveling.  It’s like my senses are sharpened.  I see better.  I am more aware.  My nose picks up smells (good and bad I’m afraid) that are foreign to me.  I’m in-the-moment.  I appreciate simple things like a cup of coffee or a train ride.  And so, it’s time to start planning my 2018 adventures.



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