Change, change, change (or, breaking up with sugar)

This spoke to me, thanks Holstee*. I spent the last 60 days making some long-overdue dietary changes– sugar and I split up 💔. We had a long run together but it wasn’t good for me. 61 days ago it would have made me inwardly cringe to give up my daily treat. My changes aren’t perfect or complete yet. It’s working, though, and I’ll keep on.

Change is daunting, especially at first. And, it can be in any area of life – health, relationships, career, education, financial…the list is endless. But, as a friend said to me, “the time is going to go by anyway, what will you do with it?”

Success changing in one area has given me confidence 💪🏻 . What else could I let go of that would improve my life? What could I add to my life that would serve me? More to come…onward…

*Holstee is worth a look 👓 …check out their IG or website

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