Spend it

This quote hit home. It’s not about money. It’s about choosing to live a life that feels abundant with friends, incredible experiences & a full, overflowing sense of joy & gratitude. Being miserly with life is limiting & constricted. It’s the difference between closing yourself off with crossed arms or throwing your arms wide in welcome. Try both & see how you feel.

Go big.


Feeling lucky

LuckyMaybe it’s all the traveling I’ve been doing lately. ¬†Possibly¬†it’s my freshly cleaned house. ¬†Definitely it’s all the amazing friendship and support I have in my life. ¬†And it could be because it’s a spring Sunday.

Whatever the reason, I’m centered, optimistic and inspired. ¬†Lucky to be healthy and happy and zipping around this planet. ¬†Feeling flush with appreciation for all the good stuff in my world, it’s a fresh season and I love that.

There’s even a strange alchemy happening with “bad stuff”. ¬†For example, I missed out on an opportunity I thought I really wanted. ¬†Within a couple days, I was startled to realize that not getting it was a relief. ¬†It only had short term advantages and could have unnecessarily detoured me from my dearest, most treasured goal. ¬†It’s like the universe played 3 card monte with me. ¬†Instead of leaving me high & dry, though, it left me with renewed appreciation and focus on what matters most to me. ¬†High five for that!

Feeling like I’m at the start of a fantastic new adventure and I’m liking it. ¬†Wishing the same for you!

Fortune cat

Feeling as happy as this Fortune Cat! 

Fresh specs ūüĎď

Seeing life through fresh eyes is an appealing part of traveling. ¬†We all need fresh specs sometimes. ¬†Physically leaving our routine and home somehow shakes us up. ¬†Shuffles the deck. ¬†And, suddenly, we’re somewhere new and paying attention. ¬†Truly seeing. ¬†Listening. ¬†Hearing what people say instead of assuming. ¬†At least for me…I’m more tuned-in, more attentive when traveling. ¬†Right or wrong, it’s the case. ¬†And so, I’ll continue to travel to refresh my view.