Five Favorite Travel Apps

Tried and true travel apps…everything on this list has been used for several years and has a proven track record with me.  There are, of course, zillions & zillions of travel apps.  These are my “must haves” and have been road tested.  Please share your favorite in the comments and travel on!




Gets top honors…type in your departure location & where you are headed.  You’ll get the cost, duration and specifics for every possible way to travel there.  Planes, trains, ride-sharing, buses, ferries, walking…it’s amazing.  Especially handy in Europe for trains.  Best app!




OnTheFly/ITA Software

For flight pricing & ease of use, this is my go-to flight finder.  You’ll have to go to another site (airline, etc.) to book flights, but it’s worth the extra step for the simple screen.  Search by airline, dates and it’ll suggest alternate airports.  App seems better than the website.




World Holiday by Cinono Design

Lists holidays in over 40 countries.  Ever lost a day on a trip to an unexpected “everything’s closed” day? I have…sometimes it’s been a happy accident, though, too.  Like the time I happened to be in the Netherlands for Queen’s Day and was surrounded by jubilant Dutch people wearing orange and celebrating their monarch & country at a frenzied pace.  Since Queen Beatrix stepped down in 2013, it’s become King’s Day (her son Willem-Alexander is running the show now).  You get the point — it’s handy to know what’s happening where you are going (you might need an orange tshirt).




Simple to use, can be used offline and has saved me from some ridiculously overpriced purchases.  I didn’t even know there were 190 currencies, but if it’s out there, this app can convert it into your dough-ray-me.






If you travel often from an airports with lots of Delta flights, I recommend this app.  When the price & schedule is the same, I’ll always choose a Delta flight because this app makes my travel life so easy.  Online check-in, boarding passes on my phone, updated gate information, alternative flights when there’s a cancellation, seat selection…this is my all-time favorite airline app.

Share your favorites in the comments and happy travels!