New Year, new travel wish list

This year, I’m dreaming of Argentina, Italy, France, South Africa and the Azores.  Like most travelers, my list is so long that listing the places I’d rather NOT see would be simpler.  Curiously, Lithuania is on my list, too.

Sometimes I try to figure out exactly what is IS about travel that I love.  Escapism?  Vacation?  Anonymity?  Adventure?  Freedom?  What I can say for certain is that I feel the most alive and engaged with the world when I’m traveling.  It’s like my senses are sharpened.  I see better.  I am more aware.  My nose picks up smells (good and bad I’m afraid) that are foreign to me.  I’m in-the-moment.  I appreciate simple things like a cup of coffee or a train ride.  And so, it’s time to start planning my 2018 adventures.



Fall funk

The fall funk…shorter days, dark nights and cold weather. Can you hear the “California Dreaming” in the background? 

I admire people who aren’t bothered by the season change. Instead of feeing un-energized and lethargic, they power on full strength. 
Bring on the Winter Solstice in December. Minute by minute the days will get longer and lighter. Until then, travel dreams are seeing me through. Here’s are a few of my travel crushes…

Lanzarote, Spain:




Inspirational websites, blogs, IG feeds and books for living your most authentic, true-to-you life

Inspirational websites, blogs, Instagram feeds and books with tips on how to spread your wings and live your most authentic, meaningful life.  Spread your wings – live!
· “Danielle LaPorte keeps it real on her blog, podcasts and IG. The “Fire Starter” book was the first book I read by her.  And just like that – bam 💥!  I was hooked!  Inspirational without being holier-than-thou, it’s one of my top 5 favorite books of all time. The “Desire Map” book is a personal, clear-cut path to figuring out what matters to you. Her #Truthbomb series on IG is a quick hit of daily motivation, too. Excited to read her latest book soon (“White Hot Truth”).  Learn more:

· Ever considered giving your bucket list a deadline? Well, Danny Dover did just that and his story will inspire even the most determined cynic. Check it out:

· Cupcakes, travel, a new book and an irreverent sense of humor. Geraldine (a.k.a. “The Everywhereist”) is the high priestess of living a bad-ass life. Inspiration and humor at:

· Travel works for me to feel free and alive. And I do my best thinking at 35,000 feet. Google Flights “explore destinations” map is my crack.  I choose my closest airport, look at the world map of airports and click on cities around the globe to get flight pricing.  It helps me narrow down what/where I’m MOST interested in going next. WARNING: highly addictive.

· to find more flexible work. Anyone daydreaming of quitting their 9 to 5 job should check it out. There are other options than the daily rat race (🚫🐀🏁) and this site has a curated, legit list of possibiities.

· Tiny Buddha…come on, just the name will make you smile! Articles and photos to enlighten, entertain and inspire. Their tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives”.

· My newest inspiration comes from other people’s stories of life changes at 

Please shoot me any of your go-to inspirational spots, I’m open to finding new ones. Happy weekend!

3 wishes

Don’t think.

Don’t censor what spills out of your mouth.

Just answer.


What did you ask for? And, sorry, no more wishes (although I appreciate the moxy).  Surprised by any?  Did you feel excited or terrified?  New wishes or the same you’ve been hoping for years?

Trite & gimmicky?  Totally.  But the answers give an idea of what’s important to you.  A glimpse into your dreams.  If answers didn’t come easily or excite you., maybe it’s time to shake up the routine.  Throw some magic in the mix, let hope back in & see what starts to bubble up.

You gotta have a dream.  Or two.  Or three.  For more help, check out the link for our launch pad questions:

May all your wishes come true!