Spring things

Cherry trees blossoming are one of the best things about the spring season.  More spring things to love…

  • Morel mushrooms.
  • Longer daylight hours.
  • Grass so green it looks unnatural.
  • Inside out neighborhoods. During winter everyone is huddled inside.  Now people are gardening, walking, biking, chatting, etc.
  • A spring rain.
  • Sound of the first lawnmower of the season.
  • Tulips.
  • The smell of a bbq grill.
  • Thunder.

Welcome back, Spring.  It’s been awhile & I missed you.

Fly girl

March was my busiest travel month so far in 2017.  For me, that’s a good thing.  Seeing the world from a plane is one of my happiest views.  Everything below becomes mini & manageable.  Zooming out keeps my perspective macro.  Forces me out of the over-analyzing I’m prone to sometimes.  Ironically, that sky view keeps me grounded.

Some of my best ideas & insights have come to me while zipping through the atmosphere at 500 mph and looking out the airplane window.  Wanted to share a few of my favorite moments…happy travels!


Feeling lucky

LuckyMaybe it’s all the traveling I’ve been doing lately.  Possibly it’s my freshly cleaned house.  Definitely it’s all the amazing friendship and support I have in my life.  And it could be because it’s a spring Sunday.

Whatever the reason, I’m centered, optimistic and inspired.  Lucky to be healthy and happy and zipping around this planet.  Feeling flush with appreciation for all the good stuff in my world, it’s a fresh season and I love that.

There’s even a strange alchemy happening with “bad stuff”.  For example, I missed out on an opportunity I thought I really wanted.  Within a couple days, I was startled to realize that not getting it was a relief.  It only had short term advantages and could have unnecessarily detoured me from my dearest, most treasured goal.  It’s like the universe played 3 card monte with me.  Instead of leaving me high & dry, though, it left me with renewed appreciation and focus on what matters most to me.  High five for that!

Feeling like I’m at the start of a fantastic new adventure and I’m liking it.  Wishing the same for you!

Fortune cat

Feeling as happy as this Fortune Cat! 

Fresh specs 👓

Seeing life through fresh eyes is an appealing part of traveling.  We all need fresh specs sometimes.  Physically leaving our routine and home somehow shakes us up.  Shuffles the deck.  And, suddenly, we’re somewhere new and paying attention.  Truly seeing.  Listening.  Hearing what people say instead of assuming.  At least for me…I’m more tuned-in, more attentive when traveling.  Right or wrong, it’s the case.  And so, I’ll continue to travel to refresh my view.

Vintage Travel part 1

As I wait for airport security & am jostled through like cattle, I’m imagining an earlier, more glamorous travel era.  

Questionable whether the travel itself was better.  Unquestionably better ads, though.