3 wishes

Don’t think.

Don’t censor what spills out of your mouth.

Just answer.


What did you ask for? And, sorry, no more wishes (although I appreciate the moxy).  Surprised by any?  Did you feel excited or terrified?  New wishes or the same you’ve been hoping for years?

Trite & gimmicky?  Totally.  But the answers give an idea of what’s important to you.  A glimpse into your dreams.  If answers didn’t come easily or excite you., maybe it’s time to shake up the routine.  Throw some magic in the mix, let hope back in & see what starts to bubble up.

You gotta have a dream.  Or two.  Or three.  For more help, check out the link for our launch pad questions:  http://www.spreadyourwings.live/launch-pad-questions/

May all your wishes come true!

Spend it

This quote hit home. It’s not about money. It’s about choosing to live a life that feels abundant with friends, incredible experiences & a full, overflowing sense of joy & gratitude. Being miserly with life is limiting & constricted. It’s the difference between closing yourself off with crossed arms or throwing your arms wide in welcome. Try both & see how you feel.

Go big.


Street art – a travelers visual diary / part 1

Wherever I go, I scan for street art to get a feel for the place.  You can never learn from a guidebook or website the kind of heart & soul info you get from graffiti & street art.  Part 1 of my visual travel diary below…

Detroit, MI – perfect word choice for a city in the middle of a huge revitalization

Salamanca, Spain – feelin’ the love!

Madrid, Spain – “love what you do”

Hip kicks in Florence, Italy

To be continued…

Spring things

Cherry trees blossoming are one of the best things about the spring season.  More spring things to love…

  • Morel mushrooms.
  • Longer daylight hours.
  • Grass so green it looks unnatural.
  • Inside out neighborhoods. During winter everyone is huddled inside.  Now people are gardening, walking, biking, chatting, etc.
  • A spring rain.
  • Sound of the first lawnmower of the season.
  • Tulips.
  • The smell of a bbq grill.
  • Thunder.

Welcome back, Spring.  It’s been awhile & I missed you.