Feeling lucky

LuckyMaybe it’s all the traveling I’ve been doing lately.  Possibly it’s my freshly cleaned house.  Definitely it’s all the amazing friendship and support I have in my life.  And it could be because it’s a spring Sunday.

Whatever the reason, I’m centered, optimistic and inspired.  Lucky to be healthy and happy and zipping around this planet.  Feeling flush with appreciation for all the good stuff in my world, it’s a fresh season and I love that.

There’s even a strange alchemy happening with “bad stuff”.  For example, I missed out on an opportunity I thought I really wanted.  Within a couple days, I was startled to realize that not getting it was a relief.  It only had short term advantages and could have unnecessarily detoured me from my dearest, most treasured goal.  It’s like the universe played 3 card monte with me.  Instead of leaving me high & dry, though, it left me with renewed appreciation and focus on what matters most to me.  High five for that!

Feeling like I’m at the start of a fantastic new adventure and I’m liking it.  Wishing the same for you!

Fortune cat

Feeling as happy as this Fortune Cat! 

The Beginning is Here…a new year, a clean slate


HELLO & WELCOME to my little incubator for hatching fresh ideas to enjoy & celebrate life!  Some of these baby-faced notions will gain wobbly footing, take a few tentative glides and eventually soar effortlessly above the clouds.

It’s the beginning of a mishmash of travel tales, inspiration, links to cool stuff and random ramblings.  All bets are off…the only constants will be relentless optimism and a scrappy determination to spread my wings & live more fully.  Objects may shift during flight, so buckle up and thanks for flying along!