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Travel dreams: flowers, junk and day of the dead in The Netherlands, Hong Kong and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2016 Corso Zundert parade entry winner “Dangerous Cargo”

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to escape into travel daydreams.  That was my day. Frigid temps and blowing & drifting snow made me want to escape the gray winter.  Today I slipped out of the cold and daydreamed my way to three places on my travel wish list.

Destination #1…the Netherlands.

In Haarlem a few years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the spring flower parade (https://www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl/en/).  And it was AMAZING!  Yes, I’m shouting, because I walked out of my hotel and smack into a huge float of flowers – I felt like Alice in Wonderland.  Disoriented and confused by a wall of dahlias, I had no idea there even was such a thing as a flower parade and suddenly I was smack in the middle of one.  Even if you aren’t a gardener or into flowers, the creativity and enormity of the floats was mind blowing.

On today’s imaginary flower trip, I headed back to the Netherlands for the September 4-5 Corso Zundert and a heady dose of huge floats.  The parade has been around since 1936.  Zundert is home to about 21,000 people and 50,000 people come to the parade.  No traffic or hotel hassles in this daydream, though.  Check it out: http://www.corsozundert.nl/home-EN/

Destination #2…Hong Kong.

Old and new easily coexisting in Hong Kong

Junk.  Who knew?  That’s what they call these boats in Hong Kong.  Made up of 260 islands, having water transportation in Hong Kong could come in handy.  While I haven’t been to there yet, I’m guessing that getting on the water might be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.   The boat design has been around since the Han Dynasty (200 AD).  And they still float around this city of over 7 million people.  Talk about staying power!

Final destination…San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The day of the dead is celebrated all over central and southern Mexico.  So why San Miguel de Allende?  Because they stretch the day into an entire weeklong celebration.  Impressive.

Day of the Dead in Mexico City
Colorful, bold, eery, morbid and festive all at once

The holiday is for remembering and honoring the dead.  Like the last two stops on my travel daydream tour, I’ve never been.  A fun trip to the cemetery sounds like an oxymoron — I need to see this live and in person someday to fully understand it.  Here’s a little more info: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/mexico-day-of-the-dead-san-miguel-de-allende



Well, friends, even travel daydreams must end.  Like all good trips, though, this little mental jaunt left me happy and ready to go again soon.

Wishing all safe & happy travels! (real or imagined)